Every member of OHS’s Board of Directors is a volunteer. Our Board works tirelessly to support the needs of both domestic and wild animals in the Tri-City area. Our organization is proud and grateful for the work that these members contribute out of the goodness of their hearts.

Diane Shaw, President & Membership/Donation Manager

Abbie Balland, Secretary

Betty Wargo, Treasurer

Natalia Lebedeva, Director of Philanthropy

Sylvia Rivera , Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Hilary Danehy, Director of Spay-Neuter


OHS’s special programs are also volunteer run except for our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Besides our managers listed here, each program has numerous dedicated support staff, also volunteers, who devote their time and energy to promote animal welfare and educate the public.

Cindy Potter, Foster Program Manager

Kelli Di Bene, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Manager

Daniel O’Donnell, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Gardens Manager

Christine Shiffer, Pet Meals on Wheels Manager

Constance Gertsch, Pet Therapy Program Manager

Linda O’Connor, Humane Education/Youth & /Family

Barbara Gifford, Info Line Calls Manager

Carol Drake, Public Relations

Jennifer Gresham, Donor Relations Manager


Lisa Guyman, Web & Graphics Designer