Founded in 1983, OHS began as a group of volunteers dedicated to bettering the lives of shelter animals. Known at the time as the “Friends of the Tri-City Animal Shelter”, OHS raised $40,000 to assist in the relocation and building of the new shelter, relocating from the site of our current Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to the heart of Fremont. However, even with the building and support for the Tri-City Animal Shelter, there was still much work to be done, and Friends of TCAS re-incorporated as The Ohlone Humane Society, Inc for a broader influence as a humane society.

Since those early days, OHS continues to be a volunteer-run group and has expanded its programs and services to benefit the animals and our community. Our programs range from therapy dog teams visiting senior care facilities, libraries and schools to fostering kittens, assisting the public with funding for spay-neuter services, and delivering pet meals to help our unhoused community keep their pets and families together.

Past President Nancy Lyon, who led the group for many years and passed away in 2015, wrote in 2008 on the OHS 25th Anniversary, “As with any journey there have been both triumphs and hardships. It has not been a path for the uncommitted or faint of heart. Many wonderful people have given valuable time from their busy lives to help OHS grow into an organization that not only cares, but as the saying goes, ‘walks the talk.’

“As we enter our next quarter of century with its many challenges, with your support, OHS will strive to meet them. The momentum will continue, and as a volunteer-based organization, the faces may change but the work will continue.

“We invite you to join us on the path of living consciously, responsibly and humanely…and to take that step.”

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